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Ritu Singh News: Delhi University Professor Arrested: #JusticeForDrRitu Trends as Social Media Erupts in Outrage

Delhi University Professor Dr. Ritu Singh's arrest sparks outrage. Explore the #JusticeForDrRitu movement and the controversy in this in-depth article

Saturday, January 13, 2024

/ by vishpratap

Ritu Singh News: In a shocking turn of events, Dr. Ritu Singh, an adjunct teacher in the Department of Psychology at DU's Daulat Ram College, has been taken into custody by the Delhi Police. 

The arrest follows her 125-day-long protest over alleged unfair dismissal from her teaching position. The #JusticeForDrRitu trend on social media has brought this issue to the forefront, raising questions about the administration's actions and police conduct.

Ritu Singh News: Delhi University Professor Arrested: #JusticeForDrRitu Trends as Social Media Erupts in Outrage

The controversy dates back to Dr. Ritu Singh's tenure at Daulat Ram College, where she previously accused Principal Dr. Savita Roy of discrimination due to her Dalit identity. Driven by these allegations, Dr. Ritu engaged in a prolonged demonstration outside the college, leading to her recent arrest by the Delhi Police.

Arrest and Video Footage

The arrest took place when Delhi Police forcibly removed Dr. Ritu and her supporters from the protest site, citing the lack of permission for the demonstration. The incident, caught on video, has triggered widespread condemnation on social media, with users expressing solidarity using the hashtag #JusticeForDrRitu.

Allegations and Counterclaims

The ongoing dispute between Dr. Ritu and Principal Dr. Savita Roy centers around accusations of unprofessional conduct in the classroom. Dr. Ritu claims that she was unfairly dismissed due to her Dalit background, alleging that the principal never allowed certain students named by her to attend her classes.

In contrast, Dr. Roy asserts that Dr. Ritu engaged in disruptive behavior during lectures, leading to student dissatisfaction. The matter is currently sub judice.

Social Media Uproar

Social media platforms are flooded with posts denouncing the actions of Delhi Police and questioning the fairness of Dr. Ritu's arrest. Users are sharing videos and testimonials, including one from a tribal army veteran, illustrating the alleged high-handedness of the police in handling the situation.

Public Outcry

The arrest has sparked outrage among netizens, with many accusing the police of authoritarianism and illegal detainment. Youth from various walks of life are rallying behind Dr. Ritu Singh, demanding transparency, justice, and accountability from both Delhi University and the police force.


As #JusticeForDrRitu continues to trend on social media, the case is now under intense public scrutiny. The incident raises broader questions about academic freedom, the treatment of Dalit individuals, and the role of law enforcement in handling peaceful protests. 

The battle for justice for Dr. Ritu Singh unfolds amidst a growing chorus of voices seeking accountability and fairness in the face of perceived injustice.

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