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Article 370 Box Office Collection: Surges to Success with ₹25.45 Cr in Opening Weekend

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Article 370 Box Office Collection: Surges to Success with ₹25.45 Cr in Opening Weekend
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Article 370 Box Office Collection —The recently released film Article 370 has made a significant impact at the box office, raking in a commendable ₹25.45 crore in its opening weekend. 

The movie witnessed a steady growth over the weekend, with Friday recording ₹6.12 crore, Saturday seeing ₹9.08 crore, and Sunday reaching a high of ₹10.25 crore. This impressive performance has elevated Article 370 to the success category in the Indian film industry.

With such a strong start, industry experts are optimistic about the film's performance during the weekdays. 

The Monday box office numbers will be crucial in determining whether Article 370 will achieve hit, smash hit, or blockbuster status. 

The film's controlled costs, coupled with revenue from non-theatrical avenues and its successful theatrical run, are expected to make it a lucrative venture for its makers.

As audiences continue to show interest in Article 370, the film is poised to maintain its momentum and potentially achieve even greater success in the coming days. 

Mobile Internet Services Restored in Haryana! Know Which Districts Got Back the Facility

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Mobile Internet Services Restored in Haryana! Know Which Districts Got Back the Facility
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After a suspension that lasted for several weeks, mobile internet services have finally been restored in 7 districts of Haryana. The suspension, which was initially implemented on February 11 in anticipation of the 'Delhi Chalo' march organized by farmers' unions, came to an end on Sunday morning.

Residents of Ambala, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Jind, Hisar, Fatehabad, and Sirsa can now enjoy the convenience of mobile internet services and send bulk SMS once again. 

The Haryana government made the decision not to extend the suspension order beyond midnight on February 25, allowing the resumption of these essential services.

It is important to note that certain services were exempted from the shutdown in the interest of the public. 

Individual SMS, voice calls, banking SMS, and internet services provided by broadband and leased lines of corporate and household users were not affected by the suspension. 

This ensured that crucial communication channels remained open for the residents during the period of the suspension.

The suspension of mobile internet services was implemented as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order during the 'Delhi Chalo' march, which witnessed the participation of thousands of farmers from Haryana and neighboring states. 

The protests were organized to voice their concerns against the new agricultural laws introduced by the central government.

With the restoration of mobile internet services, residents in the seven districts can now access social media platforms, browse the web, and stay connected with friends and family through various messaging apps. 

This development will undoubtedly bring relief to the people who rely on these services for their daily activities, including education, business, and communication.

The decision to lift the suspension order reflects the Haryana government's confidence in the improving situation and its commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of essential services. 

However, it is crucial for users to exercise responsible online behavior and refrain from spreading false information or engaging in any activities that may disrupt peace and harmony in the region.

Authorities will continue to monitor the usage of mobile internet services to ensure that they are being utilized responsibly and in accordance with the law. 

As the situation evolves, the government remains vigilant in its efforts to maintain a balance between facilitating communication and safeguarding public safety.

The restoration of mobile internet services in these seven districts marks a positive step forward, providing residents with the means to reconnect with the digital world. It is hoped that this development will contribute to a sense of normalcy and facilitate the smooth functioning of various sectors that rely on uninterrupted internet access.


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Dreamiyata Entertainment and Desi Melodies have recently unveiled the trailer for the upcoming Punjabi film 'Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri', featuring popular actors Gippy Grewal and Sargun Mehta· The film, set to hit cinemas on 15 March 2024, promises to be a family entertainer that will captivate audiences·

Nubia Flip 5G and Nubia NX302J Certified by TENAA, Specifications Revealed

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Nubia Flip 5G and Nubia NX302J Certified by TENAA, Specifications Revealed

In an exciting development for smartphone enthusiasts, Nubia's latest offerings, the Nubia Flip 5G (NX724J) and Nubia NX302J, have received certification from TENAA, revealing their impressive specifications· Let's take a closer look at what these devices have to offer·

Nubia Flip 5G Specification

Starting with the Nubia Flip 5G, this smartphone boasts a large 6·9-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1180 x 2790 pixels· Additionally, it features a 1·43-inch cover AMOLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels· 

Powering the device is a 2·4GHz chip, likely to be the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1· Users can expect smooth multitasking with either 8GB or 12GB of RAM, along with ample storage options of 256GB or 512GB·

The Nubia Flip 5G is equipped with a dual-cell battery setup, combining a 970mAh and a 3120mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting usage· Furthermore, the device supports 33W fast charging, allowing for quick and convenient recharging· 

In terms of photography, the smartphone features a 16MP front camera and a dual-camera setup on the rear, consisting of a 50MP primary sensor and a 2MP secondary sensor· 

The device also incorporates a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for added security· With dimensions of 170 x 75·5 x 7·0mm and weighing 209 grams, the Nubia Flip 5G is expected to offer a sleek and lightweight design· There are speculations that it could be rebranded as the ZTE Libero Flip·

Nubia NX302J Specification

Moving on to the Nubia NX302J, this smartphone sports a 6·56-inch LCD HD+ display with a resolution of 720 x 1612 pixels· It is powered by a 2·2GHz chip, and users can choose between 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB of RAM, depending on their preferences· 

Storage options include 128GB or 256GB· The device is equipped with a substantial 5000mAh battery, ensuring prolonged usage without the need for frequent charging·

In terms of photography capabilities, the Nubia NX302J features a 5MP front camera and an impressive dual-camera setup on the rear, consisting of a 108MP primary sensor and a 2MP secondary sensor· Similar to the Nubia Flip 5G, this device also incorporates a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for enhanced security· 

With dimensions of 163·6 x 74·9 x 8·95mm and weighing 205·5 grams, the Nubia NX302J is expected to offer a comfortable and ergonomic design· The final name for this device is yet to be confirmed·

As of now, Nubia has not provided any information regarding the availability or pricing of these smartphones· 

However, with their impressive specifications, the Nubia Flip 5G and Nubia NX302J are likely to attract attention from tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting their release· 

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Fold 6 with Exciting Upgrades

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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Fold 6 with Exciting Upgrades

Samsung has officially announced the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold6, the latest addition to its innovative foldable smartphone lineup. Packed with a host of new features and improvements, the Galaxy Z Fold6 promises to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Article370 Strikes Big on Day 1, Grosses ₹6·12 Cr on the Box Office Despite Regular Ticket Rates

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Discover how Article370 defied all odds by grossing ₹6·12 crore on its opening day, despite regular ticket rates· Explore the film's unexpected success and what it means for the box office·

Article370 Strikes Big on Day 1, Grosses ₹6·12 Cr on the Box Office Despite Regular Ticket Rates
Image  Credit - X

Article370 Success on Day 1 —  In a surprising turn of events, the much-anticipated film Article370 has made a smashing debut, surpassing all predictions on its opening day· 

Despite the return to regular ticket rates after the initial discount, the movie managed to draw in a massive audience, raking in an impressive ₹6·12 crore at the box office· 

Let's delve into the details of this unexpected success and what it means for the future of Article370·

Unprecedented Success on Day 1

Article370 absolutely blew away all calculations and estimations, exceeding expectations by a significant margin· The decision to offer discounted ticket rates of ₹99 on #CinemaLoversDay undoubtedly played a crucial role in attracting a large crowd to theaters· 

The Friday collection of ₹6·12 crore in India alone is a testament to the film's mass appeal and captivating storyline·

Positive Audience Feedback

One of the key factors contributing to the film's success is the overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers· 

The audience response has been nothing short of glowing, with many praising the stellar performances, gripping narrative, and powerful message of Article370· Such widespread acclaim bodes well for the movie's prospects in the coming days·

Box Office Prospects

With the initial excitement of discounted tickets fading away, all eyes are now on how Article370 will fare over the weekend· 

The transition back to regular ticket rates will test the true appeal of the film and its ability to sustain its momentum· 

However, with the solid foundation laid on Day 1 and the enthusiastic buzz surrounding the movie, there is optimism for a strong showing in the days ahead·

Expert Analysis

As a seasoned industry expert, it is clear to me that Article370 has struck a chord with audiences and is primed for continued success at the box office· 

The combination of engaging storytelling, top-notch performances, and a timely theme has resonated with viewers across the board· 

While the return to standard ticket prices may impact the film's performance to some extent, the strong word-of-mouth and positive reviews should help propel Article370 to great heights·


In conclusion, the stellar performance of Article370 on its opening day has defied all expectations and set the stage for a successful run at the box office· 

The impressive Friday collection, coupled with the unwavering support of cinema enthusiasts and positive audience feedback, paints a promising picture for the film's future· 

As we await the weekend numbers with bated breath, one thing is certain - Article370 has made a strong statement in the world of Indian cinema·

Shahrukh Khan Wins Best Actor Award at Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2024

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Read about Shahrukh Khan's triumphant win for Best Actor at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2024 for his remarkable portrayal in the film 'Jawan.' Discover why his talent knows no bounds and how his ability to immerse himself in every character continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Shahrukh Khan Wins Best Actor Award at Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2024
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In a celebration of talent and dedication, the curtains were raised to a resounding round of applause for the inimitable @iamsrk· 

His portrayal in the film 'Jawan' not only captured hearts but also clinched the prestigious Best Actor Award at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2024· 

Shahrukh Khan's versatile talent knows no bounds, and his remarkable ability to immerse himself in every character he portrays is truly commendable·

The news of Shahrukh Khan's triumph has sent ripples of joy throughout the entertainment industry and beyond· Fans, critics, and fellow actors alike have hailed his win as a testament to his unparalleled acting prowess· 

The Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards, known for recognizing excellence in Indian cinema, has once again acknowledged Shahrukh Khan's exceptional contribution to the world of acting·

Shahrukh Khan, often referred to as the 'King of Bollywood,' has carved a niche for himself with his stellar performances spanning decades·

From romantic leads to intense dramas, he has portrayed a wide array of characters with finesse and authenticity· His dedication to his craft and his ability to bring characters to life on screen have earned him a dedicated fan following worldwide·

'Jawan,' the film for which Shahrukh Khan received the Best Actor Award, has struck a chord with audiences for its gripping narrative and powerful performances· 

Khan's portrayal in the film has been hailed as one of his finest, showcasing his ability to delve deep into the psyche of his character and deliver a nuanced performance·

As news of Shahrukh Khan's win continues to spread, social media platforms are abuzz with congratulatory messages and expressions of admiration for the iconic actor· 

His win serves as inspiration for aspiring actors and a reminder of the transformative power of cinema to captivate hearts and minds·

In a world where recognition is often elusive, Shahrukh Khan's Best Actor Award is a shining testament to his talent, dedication, and enduring legacy in Indian cinema· 

As he continues to captivate audiences with his performances, his star shines brighter than ever, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment· 

Must-Watch or Miss? A Balanced Review of Article 370

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Article 370 Review - Experience the powerful storytelling of Article 370, a film that combines geopolitics, drama, and education into a captivating cinematic experience. Witness stellar performances and technical excellence like never before.

Must-Watch or Miss? A Balanced Review of Article 370

Are you looking for a thought-provoking film that delves into geopolitics, drama, and education all in one? 

Look no further than Article 370. This film takes a unique approach to exploring the Kashmir situation from both macro and micro perspectives, offering viewers a captivating cinematic experience unlike any other. 

With a stellar cast, impeccable technical aspects, and a strong sense of nationalism, Article 370 is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

A Unique Cinematic Experience

Have you ever thought that a film could make the subject of "Civics" engaging and entertaining? 

Article 370 proves just that. By weaving together elements of drama, action, and education, this film offers a refreshing take on geopolitics that is both informative and captivating. 

Led by the talented Yami Gautam, who delivers a powerhouse performance, the cast brings the story to life in a way that is both compelling and thought-provoking.

Stellar Performances

Have you ever witnessed actors who truly embody their characters? In Article 370, Yami Gautam, along with Priyamani, Arun Govil, Kiran Karmakar, and Vaibhav Tatwawadi, deliver standout performances that are sure to resonate with audiences. 

From fiery confrontations to emotional moments, each actor shines in their respective roles, bringing depth and authenticity to the narrative.

Technical Excellence

Looking for a film that rivals Hollywood in terms of technical prowess? Article 370 does just that.

 From breathtaking cinematography to immersive sound design, every aspect of the film is meticulously crafted to create a cinematic experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. 

Director Aditya Suhas Jambhale deserves praise for his masterful direction, which elevates the film to new heights of excellence.

Compelling Narrative

Are you prepared for a narrative that is both intricate and impactful? While some viewers may find the film's second half to be talk-heavy and complex, the overarching message of Article 370 is one of patriotism and pride. 

As the story unfolds, viewers are treated to a blend of history, politics, and emotion, culminating in a film that is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Final Verdict: A Historic Affair

In conclusion, Article 370 is a must-watch film that offers a unique perspective on geopolitics, patriotism, and the human experience. With its stellar performances, technical brilliance, and compelling narrative, this film is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences. 

Whether you're a fan of drama, action, or education, Article 370 is a cinematic experience unlike any other. Don't miss out on this historic affair that will make you feel proud and entertained.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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Get ready for the highly anticipated teaser of "Crew" starring Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon, dropping tomorrow!

Directed by Rajesh Krishnan and produced by industry giants, the film promises to be a cinematic extravaganza.

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Excitement is brewing as the highly anticipated teaser of the upcoming film Crew is set to release tomorrow, stirring up anticipation among movie buffs·

Scheduled for a grand unveiling on 24th February 2024, the teaser promises to offer a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Crew, a film buzzing with star power and intrigue·

Featuring an ensemble cast including the stellar trio of Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon, alongside the dynamic duo Diljit Dosanjh and Kapil Sharma, Crew is poised to captivate audiences with its riveting storyline and powerhouse performances·

Helmed by the acclaimed director Rajesh Krishnan, Crew is all set to hit cinemas on 29th March 2024, marking a date that cinephiles won't want to miss·

With a talented ensemble cast and a visionary director at the helm, expectations are running high for this cinematic spectacle·

Produced by industry stalwarts Shobha Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Ektaa R Kapoor, and Rhea Kapoor, Crew promises to be a cinematic extravaganza that will leave audiences spellbound·

As the countdown begins for the release of the teaser tomorrow, fans are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of NewPosters, hoping for a tantalizing sneak peek into the world of Crew·

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G Set to Launch in India in March: Features, Specifications, and Price Revealed

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Discover the latest in smartphone technology with the Narzo 70 Pro 5G, set to launch in India in March.

Explore its features including a 6.65-inch AMOLED screen, Dimensity 920 SOC, 50MP quad-camera setup, and Android 14 OS.

Learn more about its anticipated impact and competitive price of INR 22,990.

Image Credit - Youtube

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphones, Realme, one of the leading players in the Indian market, is all set to unveil its latest offering, the Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G, in March· 

Packed with cutting-edge features and a competitive price tag, the Narzo 70 Pro 5G aims to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts and budget-conscious consumers alike·

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G Specifications

Display: The Narzo 70 Pro 5G boasts a sizable 6·65-inch 90Hz AMOLED screen, promising vibrant colors and smooth visuals for an immersive viewing experience·

Processor: Powering the device is the robust Dimensity 920 SoC, ensuring seamless performance and efficient multitasking capabilities·

Camera Setup: Equipped with a versatile quad-camera setup, featuring a 50MP primary lens (Sony IMX890), a 12MP lens, a 5MP lens, and a 2MP lens (though, there's some scepticism as the official picture depicts three rear cameras)·

Selfie Camera: On the front, users can expect crisp and clear selfies, thanks to the 24MP front-facing camera·

Memory and Storage: The device comes with 6GB of RAM paired with 128GB of internal storage, providing ample space for apps, photos, and media files·

Battery: With a robust 5100mAh battery capacity, the Narzo 70 Pro 5G ensures long hours of usage without frequent recharging·

Operating System: Running on the latest Android 14, users can enjoy the latest features and security enhancements offered by the Android ecosystem·

Price: Realme aims to strike a balance between affordability and performance with an attractive price tag of INR 22,990·

Anticipation and Market Impact

The launch of the Narzo 70 Pro 5G has generated significant anticipation within the Indian smartphone market· 

With its impressive specifications and competitive pricing, the device is poised to disrupt the mid-range segment, offering consumers a compelling alternative amidst a plethora of options·


As the launch date approaches, all eyes are on Realme as they gear up to introduce the Narzo 70 Pro 5G to Indian consumers· 

With its blend of top-notch features and affordability, the smartphone has the potential to carve out a significant market share and strengthen realme's position as a formidable player in the competitive smartphone landscape· 

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