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Poonam Pandey Reveals Alive After Faking Death: Controversial Publicity Stunt Sparks Criticism

Poonam Pandey Death —  In a shocking turn of events, model and actress Poonam Pandey recently confessed to faking her own death as part of what she called a well-planned publicity stunt. 

Image Credit - m9.news

The news of her demise due to cervical cancer had left fans and the public in grief, only for it to be unveiled as a strategic move to raise awareness about the disease.

Pandey, who had initially portrayed her death as a tragic outcome of cervical cancer, took to social media to share a clip from FM Nirmala Sitharaman's budget speech, addressing the importance of cervical cancer vaccination.

This revelation has sparked controversy, with many labelling it as an 'unethical' way to garner attention.

Despite the actress's intentions to shed light on cervical cancer, several public figures have criticized her approach. Ananya Birla referred to Poonam Pandey's 'death' announcement as 'disrespectful.' Critics argue that spreading awareness through false information is morally questionable.

Image Credit - Youtube

Pandey defended her actions, stating that the elaborate hoax was meant to serve a greater purpose – educating the public about cervical cancer and encouraging preventive measures. 

She emphasized the importance of timely screenings, HPV vaccinations, and urged her followers on Instagram to empower each other through mutual awareness.

In a twist to the narrative, Pandey also revealed her struggles with health issues, including a brain haemorrhage resulting from domestic violence in 2022. 

Despite the sensitive nature of these revelations, the focus remains on the unconventional approach she chose for promoting awareness about cervical cancer.

While Poonam Pandey claims to have had noble intentions behind her actions, the public response has been mixed. Many appreciate the effort to raise awareness but condemn using false information for publicity. 

The debate surrounding the ethical implications of such publicity stunts continues, emphasizing the delicate balance between advocacy and controversy in celebrity influence.

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