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PM Modi Strengthens India-UAE Ties on 7th Visit: Key Deals & Discussions

Discover how PM Modi's 7th visit to the UAE strengthens India-UAE ties through key deals and discussions. Explore the significant developments and agreements signed during the visit.

PM Modi Strengthens India-UAE Ties on 7th Visit: Key Deals & Discussions
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PM Modi's 7th Visit to UAE Strengthen Bilateral Engagement

14 Feb, 2024 — Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Abu Dhabi yesterday on his 7th visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), further strengthening the longstanding and vibrant relationship between the two nations. 

The visit, marked by a warm reception from UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, witnessed significant discussions, key deals, and the signing of 10 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreements. 

This visit reflects India's enduring commitment to enhancing bilateral ties and fostering regional and global cooperation.

One-to-One Talks and Delegation Level Meetings Covering Various Sectors

During the visit, Prime Minister Modi engaged in detailed discussions with President Al Nahyan, covering a wide range of areas of bilateral cooperation. 

Both leaders recognized the immense potential for collaboration and explored ways to further enhance trade, investment, defense, energy, and cultural ties between India and the UAE. 

The discussions also included regional and global developments, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the shared strategic interests between the two nations.

Financial Sector Cooperation: Jeevan Card and More

A noteworthy highlight of the visit was the successful transaction using the Jeevan card, a new financial offering launched in the UAE. 

Prime Minister Modi extended his congratulations to President Al Nahyan on the introduction of the UAE's domestic Jeevan card, emphasizing its significance in strengthening financial sector cooperation between the two countries. 

The Jeevan card aims to facilitate seamless financial transactions, promote digital payments, and enhance financial inclusivity for the citizens of both nations.

Signing of 10 MoU Agreements: Boosting Partnership

To further bolster the bilateral partnership, 10 MoU agreements were signed during Prime Minister Modi's visit. These agreements cover diverse sectors such as defense, space, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, and trade. 

The signing of these agreements reflects the commitment of both India and the UAE to deepen cooperation and capitalize on shared opportunities for mutual growth and development.

A Major Step Towards Strengthening India-UAE Ties

Prime Minister Modi's visit to the UAE marks a significant step in fortifying the already robust relationship between the two nations. 

The discussions and agreements reached during this visit open up new avenues for collaboration in various sectors and contribute to the overall progress and prosperity of both India and the UAE. 

The strategic partnership between the two countries is based on mutual trust, shared values, and a common vision for peace, stability, and development in the region and beyond.


Prime Minister Modi's 7th visit to the UAE has once again demonstrated the deep-rooted and multi-faceted nature of the bilateral relationship. 

The comprehensive discussions and key agreements signed during this visit will propel India-UAE ties to new heights, fostering shared prosperity and addressing common challenges. 

With a shared commitment to peace, progress, and people-to-people engagement, India and the UAE are well-positioned to realize their collective aspirations and forge an even stronger partnership in the years to come.

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