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IIT Delhi Student Death: 23-Year-Old Found Hanging in Hostel, Investigation On

 IIT Delhi Student Death: In a suspected case of suicide, a 23-year-old M.Tech student from Nashik, Maharashtra, was discovered hanging in his hostel room at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, prompting an ongoing investigation by the authorities.

IIT Delhi Student Death: 23-Year-Old Found Hanging in Hostel, Investigation On
Image Credit - The Statesperson

According to Delhi Police, a distress call was received from IIT Delhi's Dronagiri Hostel, indicating the tragic discovery of the deceased student. Identified as Sanjay Nerkar, the 23-year-old final year M.Tech student was found in his room within the Dronagiri Hostel premises on Friday.

The matter unfolded when Nerkar's family grew concerned upon his failure to respond to phone calls. Prompted by their worry, they urged his hostel mates to check on him. Upon reaching Nerkar's designated room number 757, they encountered a locked door. Subsequently, the hostel authorities were notified, leading to the door being forcibly opened, revealing the grim sight of Nerkar's lifeless body hanging from the ceiling.

Nerkar's family, informed of the devastating news, has been left shattered by the loss. A police official disclosed that the deceased hailed from Nashik, Maharashtra, adding a layer of heartache to the tragic incident.

While initial investigations point towards a case of suicide, authorities are meticulously examining the circumstances surrounding Nerkar's untimely demise. A comprehensive crime scene inspection has been conducted, with the investigation now delving deeper into the potential causes leading to the tragic event.

As the community grapples with the shock and sorrow of losing a promising young individual, the incident serves as a sombre reminder of the mental health challenges prevalent among students, particularly in high-pressure academic environments such as IITs.


The untimely death of Sanjay Nerkar has sent shockwaves through the IIT Delhi community, prompting a thorough investigation by the authorities. While the circumstances surrounding his demise remain under scrutiny, the incident underscores the pressing need for heightened awareness and support for mental health issues among students.

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